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Apple September event

As you may know apple are hosting (well having) a september event but it may be what you think

  1. it will defiantly be online (as per usual)

  2. (as the rumours say) they may not announce iPhones.

  3. but there more rumours on the new iPad air four wich may be announced on the day.

  4. And the new Apple Watch series 6 will most definitely be coming

All this will be happening on the 15th of September 2020

iPad Air four concept

- 8mp rear camera

- 11inch iPad Pro design (probably will not have 11 inch size)

- Works with 2nd gen Apple pencil

- and will probably have a smart connecter (not in this design but it probably will)

Credit concept phones

The concept for the series 6 looks basically the same as the previous gens so i did not find it

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